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A personalised mug? I’ll drink to that!

The humble mug. A carrier of tea, coffee…or latte, if you’re in the mood. Often, we don’t think much about the vessel in our hands, instead, worrying about what lies ahead and the fact you’re up at what seems like the crack of dawn. But what if the ceramic creation you hold said, “You make […]

The gift-giving season!

There’s something about summer that sparks a gift-giving frenzy.  Fathers’ Day is on the horizon, there are more people born in the summer and autumn, (therefore birthday gifts and those for new babies are plentiful) – plus, most brides like to get married when its warm, meaning the need for wedding gifts, gifts for the […]

Sports gifts just for you!

There’s not many gifts on the high street or World Wide Web that are aimed specifically at men as the recipient – even though women spend far more on birthday presents and the like in any given year.  Perhaps women only buy for other women?! To combat this inequality MyRedPacket offers a range of personalised […]